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Dolphins Changing Minds

Anthony Pham, Staff Writer

April 5, 2018

Filed under News & Features

This semester, an eight page mental health brochure filled with intimate details in regards to mental health issues was released by an Advisory Board to reduce the stigma that surrounds mental health. The collection shares a range...

Take Care of Yourself

Becca Malachowski '20, Staff Writer

February 1, 2018

Filed under Opinion

Anxiety is a mental illness that affects a great number of college students. It can be heard of all over campus. I know people that have struggled with it, and I’ve struggled with it. Anxiety and other mental illnesses affe...

Letter to the Editor: “Dear Ms. Dolzonek”

Allie Randall, GUEST WRITER

October 29, 2015

Filed under Opinion

The article, “America’s Obsession with Guns,” is nothing more than regurgitated, clichéd rhetoric. Dolzonek’s most grievous error is her statement that mental health is “NOT the issue” in regards to gun violence, ref...

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