Le Moyne and Cayuga Community College Partnership

This Spring semester Cayuga Community College students are able to seamlessly transfer to Le Moyne with the signing of a new agreement.

The transfer agreement allows CCC students who are graduating with one of twelve associates degrees in the arts or sciences to transfer to Le Moyne efficiently without losing credits. Students are also guaranteed the Transfer Promise scholarship, which grants full-time students
$2,500 a year for up to seven semesters. This scholarship does not interfere with the students’ financial aid package that they are awarded after their acceptance.

Le Moyne’s President Linda LeMura and CCC’s President Brian Durant, along with faculty, came together at a ceremony on October 18 of last year to make the agreement official.

Onondaga Community College is the school that brings in the most transfer students. Cayuga brings in the second largest number, typically it ranges from “10 to 20 students in a given year,” confirms the Vice President of Enrollment Management, Timothy Lee. Which made it an easy decision to want to initiate such an agreement.

Lee emphasized the importance of the role of faculty from both Le Moyne and CCC when it comes to recruiting, “when you get an accounting professor speaking to a group of accounting students at a community college, they can talk very specifically to what those students goals
are, so this is why faculty are so vital to the success of enrollment.”

The ceremony has “picked up a lot of steam” as it provided benefits in many areas for both schools and has set an example for other schools to start agreements with Le Moyne. “We have a number of agreements and we’re trying to update some of those agreements, but then we’re
also getting a lot of opportunities from schools that we normally wouldn’t interact with on a regular basis because they’re a little further away,” said Lee.

The program has been implemented and utilized starting this Spring semester. Lee comments on its success, “We enrolled a pretty solid spring transfer class. We enrolled ten more students than we expected and eight more students than last spring.” In comparison, last spring the transfer enrollment number was 62, while this semester was 70.

This agreement places importance on how recruitment is not just for high school students but transfer students, he said.

“I think a lot of schools take transfer students for granted. We wanted to show how much we support transfer students, how much we love transfer students and how much we want to work with transfer students because they are a vital part of our community,” said Lee.

“Transfer students don’t want to lose their credits, it’s work that you put in and have grades to verify it. There’s more that we can do, but I think we have a solid foundation. President LeMura expressed her excitement for this initiation through the Finger Lakes Daily News, stating, “They are incredible students. Our faculty rave about how well prepared these students are and naturally, we are just delighted and honored to have these students in our classrooms.”