Senior Send-Off


Abigail Adams '16


Matt Clark ’15


“I am graduating with a Bachelor of Art’s Degree in Communications with a Concentration in TV/Radio and a minor in Psychology. I plan to Travel to Las Vegas to cover the 2015 World Series of Poker and then catch up with a full-time job in the public relations field afterward. I have loved being able to work with so many talented individuals on The Dolphin to create something for the whole campus to consume week after week.”



Sarah Liberati ’15

Production Team

“I’m graduating with a B.A. in Communications, a double concentration in Public Relations and Advertising, and minoring in Business Administration. I want to pursue marketing after graduation, but am still on the search for the perfect company fit for me. I am shooting for a full-service advertising agency or investment firm in a big city, hopefully Boston or the Big Apple! My favorite part about being involved with The Dolphin is being able to express my creativity with production. It’s wonderful to be able to come in on Tuesday evenings and have Matt tell you, “Do whatever you want with this one, I trust you.” Being able to share my graphic skills with other students is fascinating and I am so glad I joined this talented team!”




Sir Tom M. Morrissey III ’15

Social Media Coordinator

“I’ll be getting a marketing degree with a minor in sports marketing and religion. After graduation I plan on conquering the world. My favorite part of working for The Dolphin was getting to work closely with some great people.”



Matt Stallknecht ’15

Sports Editor

“I am graduating with a Bachelor of Art’s Degree in Communications with a Concentration in Public Relations. I will be attending Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Communications to attain a Master’s Degree in Public Relations. The best part about working for the Dolphin was being able to find really intriguing stories and sharing them with all of my fellow students. It is always satisfying to find something that you find interesting, explore the topic, and then share it with the world. The Dolphin gave me that opportunity.”




Adam Thorne ’15

Copy Editor (The Cheers & Jeers guy)

“I’m graduating with BAs in History and Political Science, as well as the Integral Honors Degree. Optimally I’ll be at George Mason studying history, but I may be at SUNY Albany. Who knows? Life’s a journey, and I’m just on it. When Clark asked me to do C&J last spring, I jumped at it. I fondly remembered Sperrazza’s column a couple of years back, and was definitely opinionated and 1500% more comical than I. In any case, I just wanted to have fun with it, and quite frankly…I did!”