Meet Washington Nationals Player and Le Moyne Baseball Alum: Josiah Gray


Emma Regan, Sports Staff Editor

From Le Moyne College to the big leagues, MLB player Josiah Gray has conquered it all. In an interview with The Dolphin, Josiah Gray reminisces on his time at Le Moyne and his path to the major leagues.

In the spring season of his freshman year (2016), Gray began the journey at Le Moyne that would lead him all the way to the Washington Nationals today. Gray credits a lot of his development on the culture at Le Moyne. Gray stated that “being around so many different people and players was so amazing – it really allowed for a lot of freedom on and off the field.”

On the sense of community at Le Moyne, Gray agreed that the family environment around athletics is definitely present. “As I started to grow and get better, I felt the support and that especially stuck with me. I definitely felt that sense of family.” 

Gray emphasized how the support from his team and the Le Moyne community was “really special” and felt great coming from the “small school-feel” that is unique to Le Moyne.

When Gray was in the process of getting scouted for the draft, he described it as a “completely surreal experience – scouts came to more and more games and [although] I knew it was happening, it was all still so surreal.”

Even though Gray made it to the next level and clearly possesses a surplus of talent, a lot more went into stepping up to gain those scouting looks. “I think what it really comes down to is putting in the extra work, on the field and in the weightroom,” says Gray. Whether it was staying after practice and working on his own game with the younger guys or putting in extra reps in the weight room, Gray says he really focused on growing as much as he could. However, that mentality was not exclusive to Gray: “you see it a lot at Le Moyne, everyone putting in the extra work, going the extra mile.”

Even from Washington D.C., where Gray is training and working every day for the upcoming season, he still keeps up with Le Moyne Baseball as much as he can. “I’m watching the team always, and wishing them the best of luck in the upcoming season.”

You can keep up with Josiah Gray this season as he pitches for the Washington Nationals in Washington D.C. this season.