Le Moyne Does Everything it can to Keep the Season Going

Maddie Rhodes, Sports Editor

After last semester finished with sports being able to practice up until the end, Le Moyne has increased its precautions while the spring sports begin to prepare for their season.

Since the spring sports lost their playoff season last year due to COVID-19, many returning seniors are coming back to finish what they started.

Le Moyne has done everything in its power to make sure no one loses another year of playing sports.

Protocol this past fall for sports consisted of limited capacity practices, no contact, and masks worn at all times. Athletes got tested once a week, and teams’ practices were put on pause in the event of a positive test result.

This semester, athletes must get rapid surveillance tests twice a week, and in instances of a positive test result, the respective team is put on pause for a week.

If a single member of a team misses one test, the whole team will not practice. Masks are still required with limited contact depending on the sport.

Weightlifting remains a part of the on and off-season practices, with numerous precautions in place. The weight room has been moved into the gym, with minimal weights left in the athlete gym. Athletes are split up into groups, mostly by roommates. The weights are wiped down after practice and the groups for each station are recorded.

Spring sports are being phased in to practicing more frequently due to their upcoming season, while fall sports are following their normal off-season frequency.

As of late March, spring sports will begin their season with half of the NE10 teams.

Athletes have a limited number of games to limit traveling. Before away games, they will be tested before they get on the bus. Masks are required on the bus, bench, and in between substitutions but are not required on the field during a game.