It is Time to Say Goodbye, ‘Melo

The New York Knicks are bad. Atrocious, in fact. The NBA knows it, the fans know it, everyone knows it. However, if there is one person who should be aware of the Knicks’ woes, it should be all-star forward Carmelo Anthony.

In the summer of 2014, Anthony signed a massive $124 million deal that locked him up with the Knicks for five full seasons. Since then? Complete disaster.

Many would say it would be in President of Basketball Operations Phil Jackson’s best interest to keep the disgruntled forward, but it would actually be a huge mistake.

If the Knicks were to keep Anthony the team could continue to build around both him and second-year forward Kristaps Porzingis, but building around Anthony is a road the Knicks have already attempted before and it would only be right if they moved on from any scenario involving him.

If the Knicks were to trade Anthony, they would be making a statement for all of New York. Moving Anthony might shake up the NBA a tad, but there are only a few teams that have been rumored to want him. However, before anything, Anthony must waive his no trade clause, and if he does it’ll have to be for a team he would like to play for.

Teams that are possibly interested in trading for Anthony include the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers would seemingly be more of a fit for Anthony, but if the Celtics were to acquire him, it may be a win-win for both sides.

A possible scenario in a Boston-New York trade could be centered around Anthony and Celtics’ forward Jae Crowder. Additional pieces would be involved of course, but these two players would be the core of the deal.

If Crowder was to come to New York in a deal, he would fill Anthony’s role nicely. He’s the type of player who would be able to contribute to the team in a way where the ball would not always need to be in his hands, unlike Anthony. He would also compliment Porzingis well.

Aside from Crowder, the Knicks could acquire other significant pieces as well. For example, first or second round draft picks are always an option, but if that doesn’t work, a third team could get involved.

For Boston, getting rid of Crowder may not be such a bad thing. Recently in the postseason, Crowder has gotten himself into some trouble. In the Boston-Chicago series, Crowder has been in a few different altercations with Chicago Bulls’ center Robin Lopez. Crowder has been the instigator in each and every one of these altercations. Also, acquiring an all-star caliber player in Anthony would be beneficial for Boston, of course.

If the Knicks are to get better going forward, Anthony must be moved elsewhere. The Knicks already have enough problems not related to Anthony, therefore trading him would check one item off of the list. Anthony deserves the chance to win a championship and the fans and New York deserve much more than what the Knicks have given them.