The Lady Phins Melt the Snow Away


By Kerrigan Fox Coyle ‘15



There is something different about Le Moyne this year. Something four teams have already learned, a lesson learned the hard way at the hands of Coach Kathy Taylor and her renewed Dolphin team. LIU Post had a wonderful five hour drive back to Long Island to ask themselves what is different about the team from the snow globe of Syracuse NY.

If only the four losing teams read the Dolphin they would have been aware of the new speed the dolphins move at and our new points leader junior attacker Erica Geremia. Geremia has 28 points in her first five Division II games, earning her two straight NE-10 player of the week awards.

“I want my career here at Le Moyne to be just as successful as I was at (SUNY) Cortland. Also it is not all about me, it’s helping myself and my teammates get better everyday.” said Geremia

Geremia largest impact on the field is not the goals she scores, but how easy she makes the game look and the opportunities for success she creates for her teammates.

“I actually haven’t really made much adjustments[from DIII] because I feel as if, if I play my game I will be fine. I have been learning to play faster which, is something I’m working on. Other than that, I believe if you play smart and take chances everything will work out in your favor.”

So far in this young season Le Moyne has defeated Mercyhurst University, Grand Valley State, LIU Post by a score of 9-6 on March 7th for the first time in three attempts, and Saint Michael’s College.

Senior midfielder Laura Hoffman is very proud of team and how they have performed in their first five games. “The team’s excited, Lock Haven is #2 in the country and we were lucky enough to see them early. Now we know what it takes to be the best. We are anxious to continue with games!” said Hoffman.

The only team to defeat the Dolphins so far has been Lock Haven University by a score of 16-9 on March 12th.

Le Moyne did not play the way the have been coached to play against Lock Haven. Instead of starting fast and continuing to play the whole game that way, the opposite happened The Dolphins started the game by digging themselves into a 0-5 hole.

“We are off to a solid start however we do have work to do if Lock Haven is the benchmark of a championship team.  They jumped on us early and we were down 0-5 before we got our game going. That can not happen again if we want to chase postseason play. Mentally that fast start of Lock Haven rocked our group and we did not recover well.” said Coach Taylor.

Le Moyne will play the University of New Haven on Thursday, March 19th at New Haven. Who is currently ranked fourth in the nation while the dolphins are ranked fifth. This is a continuation of nationally ranked opponents Le Moyne has faced in the early part of this season. Le Moyne will have played one of the hardest schedules in the country only six games played in total and two conference games into their season. Some other teams do not play their hardest game until the last week of the regular season leaving many unknowns about the character of players and how the team responses to adversity.

If there is one advantage Coach Taylor has over the other coaches in Division II, is she has a better report on her team and players than anyone else.

Playing other talented teams has allowed Le Moyne to prove themselves to both themselves and the rest of the division how dangerous they are capable of being.

Coach Taylor herself says it best when it comes to her own assignment of how her team can improve moving forward. “We need to find an answer at the draw quickly to be able to play with the best. That is a top priority this week as well as winning ground balls. It all sounds so simple…win the 50/50 ball battles, but you can not put points on the board if you do not have the ball. We need to play tougher and compete harder to gain possession. When we have the ball we get to control the game and that is our goal to be in control of the games we play,” said Taylor.

When it comes to lacrosse, the power is in the hand of the beholder.