Women’s lacrosse continues strong play


Kerrigan Coyle '15, Staff Writer

The Dolphins just keep on swimming. Swimming all the way to victory. The Lady P’s were at it again and they came up big with a 18-10 victory over Southern New Hampshire University. The team was lead by a career best performance from junior attack Julia Suriani who had five goals. Breakout performances have been a normal occurrence this season. So seeing big numbers is to be expected, but what you can not predict is who will be the star.

Le Moyne got off to a fast start by starting on a 4-1 run with two goals by both Tori Nies and Julia Surani. By halftime the score was 11-4 and having eight different players score a goal in the half. The game was out of reach by halftime  which has been the more times than not on this current win streak.

Grad student attack Marley Ciferri the team’s leader in points with 26 also had a very average day for her standards, three goals and two assists. Marley Ciferri along with junior attack Sam Yaro(18 points) have been two of the biggest contributors this year. When asked about how important Marley has been to the team this year, Yaro responded, “She’s been a great addition to our team on and off the field, she knows the game so well and has taught us many new drills (from Syracuse). Her assists have lead the first line and have given us different options when going to the goal.”

Ciferri has been a huge factor to why this team has a different lead scorer almost every game. She leads the team in assists with 18. Sam added, “Our offense is very versatile, there isn’t just one main player who scores all our goals, we all contribute.”   Some of those players who contributed with goals are: Claire Monnat, Morgan Kline, Danielle Kealy, Amari Pollard, and Molly McGuane.

Yaro herself has made major improvements from last year. She is third in points and has scored goals when the team has needed them most. Yaro has already doubled her goals scored from last year. She has done all of this while only starting in one game. I asked her what has been the difference from last year, “Having more confidence in myself and my teammates has made a huge difference. And focusing on working hard in the off season.” If you have gone to see a home game this year the improvements are quite clear.

The Dolphin’s next game is on Wednesday Apr. 2nd against New Haven at home here on the Heights. “Anyone on our team is capable of stepping up which is what makes us that much harder to scout. If we recognize someone is on fire that day we try to set them up more,” said Yaro Feeding the hot player is why the Dolphins are about to go on 4-5 goal runs at one time.

Against Southern New Hampshire the hot player it was Julia Suriani. New Haven will be playing a guessing game on who to cover. Playing against the Le Moyne offense is a like swimming upstream. Lucky Le Moyne is the only Dolphin in the NE-10.