Club athlete of the week : John Dunn

Club athlete of the week : John Dunn

Karrigan Coyle '15, Staff Writer

John is a special type of athlete here at Le Moyne: a two-sport club athlete. Yes, he is on two club teams.  Please save the autographs for later because John is extremely dedicated to performing at a high level. John is a senior political science major which he takes very seriously.  Just don’t ask him about gun control. He will talk to you for so long it will make you start looking for the nearest exit.

I made that mistake on my exclusive interview with him. When ask about being a poly sci major John replied, “I like learning about how politics actually work and how things [don’t] get done.” I also asked John on if he is looking forward to graduation he said, “Absolutely, I can’t wait to go fishing every day.”

Along with being on the rugby and club lacrosse teams, the Koonducks and Phinz respectfully, John has a passion for duck hunting. He says he has shot 20 ducks this season.

John plays all back positions in rugby, being the real team player that he is. Now that he is a senior and rugby is over for the most part [except Dolphy Day], he is looking forward to lacrosse. There are some high expectations for the club lacrosse team this year, mostly internal. Now that the varsity  team are national champions, there is a tie on campus for the best lacrosse team. John just likes playing defense and hitting people with a stick. Its all about the small things in life.

Now an essential part to being Club Athlete of the Week that can not be overlooked, intramural sports.  John is a four-year member of the “Toonsquad” basketball team. They are currently undefeated this year and finished third last year in the A-league, the highest level of Le Moyne intramural basketball. John is currently leading the league in two categories: travels and double dribbles. To continue the pattern of coming close and walking away empty-handed, John has been on the second place team in flag football two years in a row.

John has a ton of club athlete activities to look forward to his last semester on the heights. Finishing his basketball career on a strong note, the softball tournament, Spring Olympics and most likely not being the wizard.  If you see John on campus and want to call him by his nicknames here are a few: Swag Daddy, The Dirt Merchant, Johnetos, J-diesel, and thanks to his skills in the kitchen, Chef Boyardunn and last but certainly not least Skeletor.