Athlete of the Week: Michael Spadine


Dominique Canale '15, Staff Writer

The Scoop: This week’s Athlete of the Week is senior Michael Spadine. Mike is a forward on the men’s soccer team. This Owego, NY native has had quite a road traveled here at Le Moyne. Spadine has had impressive stats considering he was injured two out of his four years. In his first season in 2010, he was a member of the all- rookie team. Then in 2011, he was a first- team selection. He finished the 2013-2014 regular season in a tie for eighth place in the conference in goals scored and is tied for 13th place in total points. He tied for the team’s lead in points with 11 points and five goals. In the last seven games of the season, Mike had four goals and one assist. This came after appearing in only one of the first ten games because of an injury. No surprise here, but Spadine scored in that one appearance as well! Based on games won with Mike playing versus the ones without him, it is evident that he is a powerhouse and a large contributor to the men’s team. Two weeks ago, Mike was named Northeast-10 Conference Player of the Week. Spadine just finished his career at Le Moyne but he will not be forgotten. He finished his 56-game career with 54 points on 24 goals and six assists. On the program’s all- time goals scored list, Spadine is ranked 12th and he is 15th on the all- time points list. He is ranked fifth in goals scored and seventh in points in the last 14 years under the coaching of Tom Bonus.

How he got started: “I got started with soccer because at the time, it was the sport that all my friends were playing.  I have never played the sport before so I decided to give it a shot.”

Major and future plans: Spadine is a business analytics and marketing dual major. After graduating from Le Moyne this spring he plans to become an officer in the United States Marine Corps.

Why Le Moyne?: “When I came on my recruiting visit to Le Moyne, I had a great experience  with the professors that I met and I enjoyed the small campus and the small family environment that the campus gave me.”


Favorite food: “My favorite food has to be my grandmother’s homemade pasta. No pasta at Le Moyne or in Syracuse even comes close to how good my grandmother’s homemade pasta is.”

Most influential person: “The most influential person to me throughout my soccer career and the person who has had the biggest impact on my sport has been my father.  He was the one person that I tried to impress from day one.  Through the good times and the bad times, he was always at every game no matter where it was and he was always there to support me.”

Goals: “I have been blessed with the career that I had at Le Moyne.  Although I was only healthy for two out of the four years, I feel like I helped each team that I was a part of be successful in one way or another.  Every goal/award that I have received here at Le Moyne would not be possible without the other ten guys on the field around me.  Each year, my team made me successful.”

Advice for other players: “I have a lot of advice for other players.  The main advice that I will give to my team and other players in general would be to play every single game like it is your last.  Four years flies by and before you know it, your career will be over. You want to look back at your career and tell yourself that you gave it everything you had. Also just go out and work hard, but most of all have fun with it.  Enjoy the game and count your blessings that you are able to go out every day and play the sport you love. Trust me; when it is over you will miss it.”

Pre-game rituals: “Every year it is the same thing.  Every game that I’ve played I played with my brothers military dog tag in my right sock and I would say a quick prayer before I left the locker room before every game.”

Most memorable moment: “My most memorable moment throughout my career was at my senior game when I walked onto my home field for the last time with my parents. It was a great way to end my career, to walk on the field with the two people who have been there for me ever since the beginning; and the fact that we won was also a huge plus.”