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The student-run news site of Le Moyne College.

The Dolphin

The student-run news site of Le Moyne College.

The Dolphin

Taliah Carmona, class of 24
My Breakthrough: Life as a Hard of Hearing Student
Taliah Carmona, Guest Writer • December 5, 2023

As the end of my senior year approaches, I’ve reflected on my last four years, which have been nothing but remarkable. I found myself finally...

Jones at a game versus SUNY Fredonia
From First Baskets to Lasting Legacies: My Journey to Le Moyne's Historic D1 Debut
Darrick Jones, Guest Writer • December 5, 2023

The Ted Grant Court at Le Moyne College has become my new proving ground, where the squeak of sneakers and the roar of the crowd serve as the...

A full commuter parking lot on campus, Lot C and CC
Alleviating the Parking Headache at Le Moyne
Corinne Becker, News & Features Editor • December 5, 2023

To say parking is a pain at Le Moyne is an understatement; between closed lots, tickets on windshields, and unauthorized vehicles taking up spots,...

Social Media and Self-Esteem: How to Manage Social Media Use
Mai Al Janabi, Staff Writer • December 1, 2023

Social media usage is often linked to self-esteem issues and mental health concerns, but given the advent of social networking sites, avoiding...

The Launch of the New Gender, Women, and Sexuality Center
Danny Mondelli, Assistant Editor in Chief • December 1, 2023

On October 18th, Le Moyne unveiled its new Gender, Women, and Sexuality Center in Reilly Hall. The event was organized by Dr. Farha Ternikar,...

Be healthy: low carb sandwich ideas

Carbohydrates are great to eat if you’re active, but they are not always the best for your body. If you eat too many, you may increase your body fat levels and may even become hungrier faster. Not only can eating too many carbs be unhealthy, but the average sandwich everyday can get pretty boring.

Why not switch up your lunch menu and try a lower carb sandwich option. You can make a sandwich out of basically anything, without even using bread. If you are having trouble letting go of the bread, first try an open-faced sandwich instead. Use one piece of bread, and then load on the veggies, and anything else that you would put on your regular sandwich. By using one piece of bread, you are literally cutting out half the amount of carbohydrates you would usually take in. Make a side salad instead to go along with the sandwich instead of the chips and you have a more healthy and guilt-free lunch option.

Rice cakes are another way to still get some carbs, but in a lower calorie form. Peanut butter and hummus are great as a spread on them. You can even substitute them in for your bread as well. Rice cakes are really filling, and trick your stomach into being fuller faster. They even taste good too!

Now on to the bread free lunch ideas; you can be as creative as you want. Start having fun with your meals, and come up with new sandwich combinations! My personal favorite is lettuce wraps. Use romaine lettuce hearts, or the lettuce offered in the sandwich line in the cafeteria. One serving of romaine lettuce has 15 calories, compared to almost 100 calories in one slice of country white bread. Lettuce wraps are still filling, and you can have three to four at once, depending on what you choose to put on them. I prefer to load mine up with hummus and avocados, but you could really put on any type of sandwich topping that you would put on your regular sandwich. Lettuce wraps are a great way to give your sandwiches a fresher twist.

Another option to try is mini cucumber sandwiches. These are great to add as a healthy side to any meal. Using either tuna fish or hummus, just spread some onto slices of cucumbers. These mini sandwiches are great as a snack too. Cucumbers still pack a few carbohydrates, but they also provide a great protein boost as well.

For a sweeter option, try peanut butter sandwiches using an apple or a banana. Slice an apple, and then spread peanut butter onto the apple slices and turn them into mini sandwiches. Sprinkle some cinnamon on top and you have a great snack or even breakfast. For the banana, slice a large banana in half. Then spread peanut butter on one end and add raisins or even chocolate chips. Then add the other half and you have a sweet and satisfying banana sandwich! You can even slice a few into smaller pieces and bring them on the go for a midday snack.

Be creative with your sandwich ideas. There are so many more healthy options out there, and they are all up to your choosing. Have fun with your meals, and come up with new options to switch up your meals!

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