Hockey team wins league over the weekend

Allison Case, Staff Writer

Nine may not seem like a large number, but for the Le Moyne College hockey team, it is enough to put them in first place in the UNYCHL hockey league.

Starting off the season with nine wins and no losses, the club team has certainly proved itself a threat on the ice, even winning their league over the weekend.

With two games remaining, the team is going into the playoff pool with a strong chance of emerging as the victor. Ranked number one, the team has demolished every team they have faced. Defeating teams such as Alfred, Cazenovia and Hamilton, Le Moyne has allowed only 15 goals from their opponents thus far.

Led by sophomore Yaro Nieves, the team has scored 64 goals combined in all nine of their wins. Their home games are often played at Syracuse University’s ice rink, where they refuse to lose.

As the team wraps up their season, playoffs are just around the corner. Starting the weekend of Feb. 24, Le Moyne will be a high seed and a favorite to win the UNYCHL title.

The team members are both excited and proud to be a part of this winning group. Hoping to end the season with an undefeated record, the Le Moyne hockey team is on its way to victory.