Matt Dowgiallo leads his group of Goblins to success


Allison Case, Staff Writer

For the majority of male college students, life consists of video games, football and girls. Le Moyne junior Matt Dowgiallo has another thing in his life that is even more important: Ultimate Frisbee.

Ultimate Frisbee is the third fastest rising sport in the United States, behind only triathlon and lacrosse. Ultimate requires stamina, endurance and speed, combining certain aspects of soccer and football. Frisbee has swept its way across the country, through both colleges and high schools alike, with Le Moyne College being no exception.

Since the club’s introduction, Le Moyne’s Ultimate Frisbee club — known as the Green Goblins — has been led by Dowgiallo and fellow juniors Murphy Swain and Jack Dunbar. The club now travels across New York state to compete in Ultimate Frisbee tournaments year-round.

Dowgiallo’s love for Frisbee urged him to create the Goblins, transforming them into a group of committed Ultimate players. His dedication introduced “Frisbee Fridays” to the Le Moyne campus.

“Frisbee Friday is a day when the whole club can decompress after a long week by playing pick-up Frisbee,” Dowgiallo explained. “We go a lot less strict on the rules of the game and make sure that everyone has a good time.”

Frisbee Fridays have become something everyone looks forward to, especially Dowgiallo. Students can go play for fun to celebrate the end of a stressful college week and take their mind off of school. They have also created a stronger team dynamic.

“Usually, after a couple of hours playing, the team goes to dinner together,” he said. Because of this “family dinner” and because of Dowgiallo’s fun view on the sport the team has become much closer.

Dowgiallo began playing Frisbee his freshman year in high school after a friend suggested he come try out the sport. This became a tradition for him and the more he played, the more he began to love Frisbee.

“My best friend in middle school got me into ultimate and it just stuck with me,” Dowgiallo said about his beginning days as an Ultimate Frisbee player.

Six years and hundreds of hours of practice later, Dowgiallo has continued to play Ultimate and improves every day. He can throw long-range hucks downfield, play tough defense and compete with some of the most talented and athletic Frisbee players around.

As co-captain of the Green Goblins, Dowgiallo’s main goal is to have fun, but he still focuses on improving everyone’s skills and team unity to help the team improve as a whole.

“The most important part of Frisbee is cooperation between teammates,” he said. “If people are not on the same page, the team will not do well.”

The team, consisting of both men and women, allows everyone to equally participate in playing time, no matter the skill level. Everyone gets a chance to play in games and practices so they can keep improving and enjoy themselves.

The Green Goblins have been to three tournaments this fall semester, always playing excellent Frisbee and competing with high level teams from all across the state. The Goblins have not yet won a tournament, but they still play the sport to the best of their ability.

To Dowgiallo, Frisbee is not just a game, but a necessity in his life.

“It keeps me in shape as well, but no matter what, Ultimate always gives me the escape I need,” he said.

Six years ago, Matthew Dowgiallo was just a small high school freshman looking for something to do. Today, he is a leader of an up-and-coming sports team at Le Moyne College. He is a determined junior looking to have fun and stay active. He finally knows what he was born to do: Play Ultimate Frisbee.