Your Dolphy Day Guide: Tips and Strategies for Getting the Most Out of the Day!!

Maria Randazzo, Director, Heath and Wellness Center

All but freshman have experienced Dolphy Day so you know what to expect.  Did you do it right last year meaning you had a wonderful time with your friends making great memories or did you make some poor choices that cost you to miss out on one of the most fun days on the Heights!    This brief article is to help you make good, healthy choices so that you end the day thinking to yourself, how will next year ever be better!

Get enough sleep.  Yes, you can partake of activities all night and day, but remember there are tests, papers, project,  classes, and finals right after Dolphy Day,, so you want to be able to enjoy the day AND finish the semester strong!

Remember sunscreen.  Even if it is cool out, the sun is still out too and you don’t want to but in pain for days after.  The Wellness Center and Student Development will have some on hand.

Hydrate.  This is especially important if it is a hot day and you spend time engaging in physical activities.

Join in.   Look for fun activities on the quad including inflatables, volleyball, and frisbee.  Find the Wellness Tent which will have lawn games, hula hoops, spin art, and coloring.

Know your limit. Some of you may choose to drink.  Learn how many drinks you can have safely by checking out a BAC [Blood Alcohol Concentration] chart on Google or an app.   We will have some at the Wellness Tent). This will tell you what is safe over what period of time-based on your weight and gender. And ladies, gender is important because alcohol impacts your system quicker and more severely than a guy’s.

Count your drinks. Know that all drinks are not created equal. A Long Island Iced Tea may have as many as 5 to 7 shots of alcohol, so it is not actually one drink.

Space out your drinks. Drink water or soft drinks between alcoholic beverages. This gives your body a chance to metabolize the alcohol and keep your BAC low, minimizing the risk of blackouts and alcohol poisoning.  Alcohol continues to metabolize and affect your system after you’ve stopped drinking. This is why alcohol levels can continue to climb after your last drink and is why symptoms of alcohol poisoning may not show up immediately.

Don’t drink on an empty stomach. Do eat before, during, and after.  Alcohol will hit your bloodstream in a flash if there is no food to buffer it.

Don’t drink and drive. Do plan ahead for transportation by having a DD or calling a taxi.

Stay with people you know and trust, but beware, people’s personalities are affected by alcohol use.

Alcohol and sex don’t always mix well together. It can lead to humiliation, regret, embarrassment, STD’s, pregnancy, and sexual assault. Never accept a drink from someone you don’t know or you didn’t see poured––you don’t know what could have been put in it.

Be careful what you mix. Drugs and alcohol can be a dangerous and potentially lethal combination and mixing different types of alcohol can lead to problems as well!

Look out for each other.  Lastly, If you see someone in trouble, please find a staff member to help.

Dolphins don’t let Dolphins swim alone!!