Commuter Column: Spring Ahead to Spring Semester

Nicholle Capria ‘21, Staff Writer

As the winter storm last weekend drew to a close, everyone prepared themselves to start classes again at Le Moyne. The school started the semester with important events, which included the MLK Convocation on Thursday, January 24, and the following day, where a Community Forum on Diversity was held in the Corcoran Lounge. Furthermore, on Monday, January 28th, a blood drive was held in the Curtin Special Events Room.

Sometimes, after a long break, students struggle to get back into their schedules. Here are a few tips for commuter students to make the best of this semester right from the beginning:

  1. Manage your time: When you don’t live on campus, you often wait around in between classes and other commitments during the day. Instead of saving all your homework and readings for late at night, get some of it done while you have nothing else to do.
  2. Clean off your car: A lot of people often get in their cars and drive away. Taking a few extra minutes to clean the snow and ice off your car will add some safety if the roads are already bad. Some people like to turn their windshield wipers up to save extra time as well.
  3. Study smart: A lot of students over-study or study the wrong information. Professors will often say that you need a certain amount of time to prepare for a class; whether you can meet the guideline or not will not even matter if you do not concentrate on the right information.
  4. Network: If you buckled down and worked hard all fall semester, now is the time to have a little more fun and network with the people around you.
  5. Have confidence: Sometimes you have to act like you know how to be a student again. Don’t worry, though! In a few days, it will be as if you never had a break.


With the start of spring semester comes the awareness that Valentine’s Day approaches with the onset of February. Is finding a parking space harder than finding a Valentine at Le Moyne? Whatever your status or opinion is on holiday, here are some additional tips to make the best of the day:

  1. Show some appreciation for your friends and family: If you have some extra time, go out of your way and do something nice for them. Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day does not just concentrate on romantic love.
  2. Gift smart: If you plan to give someone something, make sure that you plan it out and that it stays good in a freezing car. Furthermore, get to the stores or order online before the cheapest and best items have been picked over; remember, you are a college student.
  3. Do something different: Don’t keep exactly to your schedule on campus that day. Your single Dolphin friends will appreciate it if you plan to do something fun with them.

Here’s to the first full week back at Le Moyne! Next time, tune in to commuter interviews about their favorite traditions and activities on and off-campus in Syracuse to participate in during the winter and spring months.