From Pham to Table: Pizza Pizza!

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Welcome back to this week From Pham to Table. This week’s featured restaurant is Apizza Regionale.


Apizza Regionale is a local classic Italian restaurant with a primary focus of pizza. When you walk in you are immediately greeted by a large wood burning pizza oven. Right around the pizza over is the open kitchen. The pizzas are prepared right in front of you and there is a selection of seats right next to the kitchen for people to sit and enjoy their meal while observing the chefs cooking away. There is a bar to your left with a large selection of different wines and cocktails. A selection of seats is to the right in addition to the outdoor patio for additional seating in the warmer months.


They offer a selection of antipasti, which for those who aren’t versed in Italian is a selection of appetizers. At Apizza Regionale, they focus on classic Italian options such as arancini, meatballs, and a selection of olives and cheese. At the time I went, I had the Delicato, which is delicato squash rings, a seasoned honey, pecorino and a dash of rosemary. Everyone at the table really enjoyed this and it honestly was to die for.


For those looking for something a little lighter, there are traditional Italian salads available. These options include a Misticanza, which has mixed greens, pickled shallots, grana, croutons, and a red wine vinaigrette to top. For those looking for something a little more adventurous, the have a Scarola, which has escarole, shallot vinaigrette, honey crisp apple, gorgonzola, pickled raisins, and topped with toasted hazelnuts.


Now, what I really want to talk about is the pizza options that they have. They have a rotating menu of options available based upon season. One of the pizzas that are always there is the Apizza option, which is a classic tomato sauce pizza with mozzarella, topped with fresh basil. The pizza is light and airy with the perfect amount of crunch to it. It’s perfectly simple and delicious. Currently, they also have a Rucolo pie, which has smoked prosciutto, mozzarella, fontina cheese, arugula, and topped with a red wine vinaigrette. This one has a delightful smokiness to it from the smoked prosciutto in addition to the natural smoke from the wood-burning oven.


If you’re looking for something a little heartier, look no further than the Winter Cannerone. This has homemade local lamb sausage, Brussels sprouts, celery root, and topped with pecorino.


Something I talked about before briefly was the drink selection. They have a large assortment of wines from all around the world including Oregon, Italy, Argentina, California, New Zealand, Germany and more!  If you’re looking for something different, check out their cocktails as they have some classics such as a Negroni and Manhattans but they also have twists on some classics too. This includes Ciara’s Sangria which has a stronger grapefruit taste in comparison to others.


I can’t wait to try out the rest of the Winter menu and to see what else is new!


I hope this inspires you guys to check out Apizza Regionale sometime and to try out some of their amazing dishes! If you do, tag me with #FromPhamToTable