Interviews From CSO Members: The Pros and Cons of Commuting

With a new month at Le Moyne comes the grind at the beginning of the end the semester. Presentations and tests pile up, along with additional schoolwork and papers, extracurriculars, jobs, and social obligations. Before you know it, you are stressed. In the next weeks, prioritize your physical and emotional health; you need it to accomplish what has been set out for you to do. (Stay tuned in the next few weeks for finals and end-of-semester advice specialized for commuters!)


The pros and cons of commuting: Last Friday, I sat down with two commuters who participate in the Commuter Student Organization (CSO) and asked them how they felt about the experience of commuting. Gabriella Parsons, a sophomore Dual Marketing and Business Analytics Major, says, “It’s harder to make friends and be involved” as a commuter. She is the eBoard Secretary of CSO and participates in Peak on campus. Overall, she encourages everyone to get involved. I asked her if she has any advice for Freshmen commuters, who might not know anyone on campus. “Even if it’s uncomfortable, try to make friends,” Parson says. Loredana Anastas, a Sophomore Marketing Major, agrees with her. “It’s hard, but take the extra step to stay after for an event,” Anastas advises. Both girls have off-campus jobs and agree that staying local will help them find jobs and have more knowledge of businesses in Syracuse after they graduate.


As their interviews progressed, I felt that I agreed with them. If I was not involved on campus or had a hobby, I might have found it a struggle to find a group of friends or know what to participate in on-campus. However, commuting seems like a symptom of this problem, because residents who are not involved might relate to it, too. You can even live on-campus and perhaps not feel as if you truly belong to the community if you have not found a niche. I strongly encourage commuters as well as residents (especially Freshmen) to join something. If your major or your work schedule demands most of your time, you can always choose a club or event that has a low commitment level. Most clubs meet only once a week for an hour at most, and you do not always have to attend every meeting. If you already have a group of friends, get them together and attend the events that happen on campus that fall during the week or weekend. Tune into your weekly emails from the College, and don’t just scroll through them; they are there to help you.


On the contrary, if you feel overwhelmed in the last third of the semester, remember that you can always say no! Do what you want and prioritize those wants along with your academics and future career. Make sure to space out the work you have with some fun moments and memories with friends at Le Moyne. Have a great two weeks before Thanksgiving Break, and see you on campus!