From Pham to Table: Poutine at the Malt

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Hey Everyone! Welcome to our new food column. In this column, we will be featuring local restaurants and local specialties.

This week’s featured restaurant is Modern Malt.


Modern Malt focuses on classic diner style food with a modern twist. When I first walked in Modern Malt, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Inside the restaurant, it features a mid-century modern decor with loads of bright colors while retaining the classic diner feel. On your left, there is a series of classic highback diner booths, a few high top tables and a bar in front of you in their signature colors. It’s classically reminiscent of your diner down the street with little touches that modernize the entire place.


The menu is equally interesting with the modernized diner options. One of the more unique items is the Barney Rubble. The Barney Rubble is a fruity pebble crusted french toast, with a strawberry-ginger jam, and creme anglaise. The flavors remind you of the everyday french toast with the twist of the fruity pebble crust. I love the texture this adds to the dish.


If breakfast food isn’t your thing, they have an option called Modern Melt with Soup which is a modernized grilled cheese and tomato soup. This one is mae with a four cheese blend in a brioche bun. The soup is a roasted red pepper-tomato soup which is to die for!


In addition to the diner food options, they also have amazing drinks. For non-alcoholic options, they have decadent shakes including a peach cobbler flavor and a bananas foster. For those of age and looking for something stronger they have classic brunch drinks like Bellinis, Poinsettias, and Mimosas. They also have multiple different Bloody Marys, like a Modern Bloody Mary with Sobieski Vodka, a Mexican inspired Bloody Maria, a Bourbon BBQ Bloody Mary, and a seaside inspired version called Bloody Maryland.


What I really wanna talk about is the poutine options. I love poutine and I’ll eat it every day if I could. They have a classic traditional Québécois poutine called Canadian Gold. This is what most people know as poutine. For those that don’t know what poutine is, it’s thick-cut french fries, cheese curds, and a brown gravy sauce.

One of my favorite modernized versions that I usually have if I’m there in the morning is the Breakfast Poutine. This one has crispy tater tots, cheese curds, gravy, a poached egg, onion frizzles, and freshly sliced scallions. I really like this one if I’m just craving something eggy.


If I’m there in the afternoon or evening I’ll grab the Hello Buffalo. This one is NY style fries with cheese curds, crispy buffalo chicken, hot sauce and blue cheese drizzled on top, and ribbons of celery and carrots. This one is so good and it has that perfect bit of tang from the blue cheese and the bit of spice from the hot sauce.


There’s one that I’m dying to try which is the Lobster Poutine. It’s something that i’ve never tried but I just can’t wait for the right moment to do so. My friend had it the last time we went and she said that she had never tried anything like it before. This one has butter poached lobster in it!


I hope this inspires you guys to check out Modern Malt sometime and to try out some of their amazing dishes! If you do, tag me with #FromPhamToTable