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Emma’s (Declassified) College Survival Guide: Celular Sleeping

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With a quick Google search, you can find hundreds of articles that suggest if you have trouble sleeping to try not being on your phone before bed. They say the blue light from our phones messes with our melatonin production and our circadian rhythms. They dish out this advice like it is reasonable for college students, but newsflash: It’s 2018. None of us have normal circadian rhythms, and all of us are on our phones before bed. Instead of giving you unreasonable advice, I’m going to suggest using that little blue light device to your advantage. There are a ton of ways your phone can help you drift off, even when your mind is racing. First, download a screen dimmer app so your eyes aren’t being accosted by light right before bed. Sometimes the lowest setting just isn’t low enough. Second, grab your favorite pair of earbuds. There are countless relaxation/sleep apps that can talk you through a short meditation to help you get in that sleepy zone. You can find something similar on Youtube or Spotify. Speaking of Spotify, have you ever tried falling asleep to a podcast? It’s a game-changer. When you can’t fall asleep because your brain won’t stop talking to itself, shut it up by listening to someone else’s voice. (I suggest keeping the volume on low.) And while we’re on the subject, if you haven’t been introduced to ASMR yet, you are now cordially invited to look into it. It stands for an autonomous sensory meridian response, and it will change your life, regardless of if you like it or not. If you end up hating it (as some people do), it’ll probably be because listening to someone whisper and make hypersensitive noises creeps you out. If you Youtube this and love it like I do, it’ll be because the relaxing, hypnotic sensations will knock you right out. Either way, don’t feel ashamed for lying in bed scrolling through your feeds; just use split screen to open Youtube and make your phone a helpful part of your sleep routine.

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Emma’s (Declassified) College Survival Guide: Celular Sleeping