Commuter Column: Getting Ready for Winter

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It might be not quite November yet, but snow has already fallen on Le Moyne Campus. Friday, October 26, on the night of the Halloween dance, the temperature was below freezing. It may not have been the best night to wear your favorite costume, but everyone on campus came together and had a great time this past weekend.


On Friday, as stated, the campus held its annual dance in the gym, and on Saturday, a party was held in the Corcoran Lounge by DJ Tino Rossi. And yet the festivities have not ended there. Perhaps Le Moyne wants to save the best for last; on Halloween, we faced off against SU in basketball. But not to fear—Le Moyne did beat SU in an exhibition game in 2009.


For commuters, the onset of November means that soon winter will begin. You more than anyone knows that winters are brutal. Not only are they cold, but lake effect snow and Onondaga County’s tax system create slippery roads. Freshmen or students who are commuting for the first time might not understand the necessity of snow tires and remote car-starters. Even residents I am friends with getting snow tires. Furthermore, they provide a way to keep yourself and others on the road safe. Additionally, remote car-starters are helpful because you do not have to freeze while you wait for your car to warm up.


And once the snow starts to pile on, it is important to take the time to clean off your car in the morning before you get to school and when you leave. It will save a greater deal of trouble when you are on the road and cannot see what is in front of you. No one likes the driver whose car has accumulated so much snow that it falls off and hits your own car. Don’t be that person.


Other than getting your car ready, the temperature on campus has dropped significantly in the past few weeks. Because Le Moyne is on a hill, it has its own temperature that tends to falls about ten degrees hotter or colder than everywhere else outside it. If you tend to park in Lot A or Double AA—or even if you are just walking from Lot C to Grewen Hall–the wind will tear you apart if you do not dress appropriately.

If you are a Freshman commuter or resident, play the late fall and winter smart. Instead of walking all the way to Reilly Hall, take the Coyne tunnel for a shortcut. You might barely fit through it with your winter gear, but at least you will stay warm. Furthermore, if this is your first semester at Le Moyne, be aware that the heat in Grewen Hall is turned up to full capacity. Prepare accordingly (dress in layers for the outdoors, but make sure you are able to take them off).


Winter might be approaching, but there is no shortage of activities that Le Moyne incorporates on and off campus! Stay tuned for another article in the next two weeks!

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