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Emma’s (Declassified) College Survival Guide: Challenge Yourself to Stay Hydrated—Literally

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I’ve heard a lot of excuses why people don’t drink enough water. Some want more flavor in their drinks than water usually provides. Some grew up in a household where it was normal to grab a soda instead of a water bottle when they were thirsty. Some people say they just simply forget. Sadly, none of these excuses rehydrate your poor shriveling cells with the essential water they need. Drinking water may not be thrilling, but it is necessary, and you will feel better if you give your body what it needs to thrive. However, you can make this mundane activity a bit more interesting by tapping into your competitive spirit. Get a reusable water bottle, preferably 24 oz. or more, and fill it up before you head out for your first activity of the day. Choose an amount of water you want to drink within a certain time frame; then challenge yourself to meet that goal. Maybe you try to finish the whole bottle before lunch. Or maybe you want to drink 8 oz. during a class period. Let your inner Barney Stinson come out, and you won’t be able to resist accepting that challenge. Keep refilling your bottle throughout the day, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a happier, healthier dolphin.

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Emma’s (Declassified) College Survival Guide: Challenge Yourself to Stay Hydrated—Literally