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Hello! After a long summer, the archive has reopened! The Le Moyne Archive saw a lot of new material come in, and as our name suggests, we must organize, understand and save it. A lot has been done up here on the second floor of the Noreen, so let’s review the function of the Archive before we get back to the business of analysis.


We do a LOT of filing. When anything happens on campus, we have to make sure there is a digital and hard copy record of the event. Club events, concerts, and speakers are just some of these things. Local and National news that pertains to Le Moyne, its faculty, students, alumni or other employees is collected. Then it is sorted into its correct place in the subjected numbering system, and a digital record of its place is made in the catalog. There are also special collections that must be updated like the memorabilia display cases near the front stairs of the Noreen, and the academic files used in the HST 301 research assignment.


There is also a vast array of artifacts that come into the office. Similar to documents, these must be cataloged, but their place is a little more complex. A special section of the archive is reserved for memorabilia, artifacts, gifts and things that are too big for filing cabinets. Over time, this section can get a bit cluttered, so last spring they were reorganized and cleaned up so items were easier to locate and store. This is my personal favorite part; we have time capsules and graduation robes, trophies and financial record books, and many other remnants of the past. This section also includes the thousands of photos, videos, audio recordings made on the Heights. We are a close ally of the Reunion committees, as our holdings help create a memorable experience for Dolphin Alums.


We have some new things going on as well. This fall we have revamped our Blog and Facebook pages! These highlight different holdings of the Archive and promote involvement and understanding of LMC’s history. Our blog is lemoynearchives.wordpress.com, or you can find the link on our Facebook page @LemoyneArchives. Stay tuned next week for more, and check out our social media in between issues!