Finding Your Outlet–Check out the “Zen Zone”!

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Stress and anxiety are natural components of our daily lives. In their healthiest form, their primary purpose is to keep us safe and provide a platform from which to foster growth. At times, however, these natural responses can become excessive and incredibly overwhelming.

For instance, anticipating an in-class presentation triggers stress and/or anxiety in almost any student; a natural response to a rather distressing task. On the other hand, if the response becomes so intense that the student resorts to completely avoiding the task, there may be an issue.

On a college campus, stress and anxiety are also natural parts of the student experience. Still, the intensity of this distress can easily become overwhelming under certain circumstances. Given the multi-faceted complexity of the ‘college experience’, it comes as no surprise that anxiety has become especially present among students.

According to Mistler et. al. (2013), anxiety “is the top presenting concern among college students (41.6 percent), followed by depression (36.4 percent) and relationship problems (35.8 percent)” (p. 5). The question for our community then becomes: How can we combat this healthily?

The Zen Zone is one possible solution.

The Zen Zone, now opening in the Counseling Center, is a space on campus in which students will be able to de-stress and unwind while exploring a variety of relaxation techniques. Activities such as mindfulness meditation, journaling, painting/coloring, crafting and others will be available for students to take part in. For those more interested in passive activities, there are options for aromatherapy, reading or simply listening to atmospheric music.

Our goal in offering this space is to provide students with a convenient and effective means to relieve their stress. In this way, we hope to alleviate some of the pressure that daily stressors create for students and influence them to foster healthy coping strategies.

The Zen Zone is a space for all students and is available to individuals and groups alike. For groups of four or more, we ask that students utilize the sign-out sheet to reserve the space ahead of time.

Whether you are struggling with homesickness or finding yourself overwhelmed by your workload, the Zen Zone offers a space to escape from the rush of campus life and confront your stress/anxiety in healthy ways. To find out more about how you can utilize the Zen Zone for your needs, feel free to contact (315-445-4195) or visit the Wellness Center located in Seton Hall. We are on Springfield road, just across the street from the baseball field.

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