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The following is an open letter written by Dr. Leigh Fought’s History 331 students:

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President Linda LeMura,


This is a list of requests for action against the President of the Theta Tau frat and all those

involved. The Theta Tau frat has had an emotional and deeply disturbing affect on our overall

campus community. This video has targeted members of our community that we as an institution

claim to value, this includes and is not limited to the following communities; African American,

Jewish, Hispanic, LGBTQ, women, and those with dissabilities. We as a community would like

the following actions to be taken, not only to reprimand those involved but to educate those on

the values that Le Moyne College holds dear. This has not been the first racial scandale that Le

Moyne has been involved in, but we do hope it will be the last. We believe that Le Moyne

College has to be the voice of change, reason, and compassion in this situation, and we believe

that the college will take appropriate action to prevent this tragedy from happening ever again on

our campus. The student handbook states “Students are expected to act responsibly, with

sensitivity and in good taste.” The president of Theta Tau has done the exact opposite of this. We would like to see justice for all with the following actions.

All actions within this list will be taken by any Le Moyne student that is a Theta Tau


  1. A public apology to both Le Moyne and Syracuse University Students, and all

communities involved.

  1. Le Moyne College to release the video with a statement explaining why the video is

contradictory to our values.

  1. The president of the frat and those involved will no longer have the privilege to walk at

graduation, or participate in any graduation activities such as Senior Week, Dolphy Day,


  1. The Le Moyne student(s) involved will need to take sensitivity training as well as

community outreach to the Le Moyne and Syracuse University campuses.

  1. The Le Moyne student(s) in question will be required to attend meetings of a variety of

clubs on campus to listen to those that may feel marginalized or hated.

  1. We would like an investigation into the ties of Le Moyne college and Syracuse

University frats and sororities. We feel that Le Moyne students should not be able to

participate in greek life of other colleges and universities as some frats and sororities may

not generally align with our jesuit values.

  1. We would like to know all actions that was taken against the student in question in a

public announcement and a record put into his permanent file.

  1. Hold the degree of all involved until all services and actions are completed.


Thank you for your time and energy with handling this difficult situation. We hope that you

consider our requests.

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The following is an open letter written by Dr. Leigh Fought’s History 331 students: