Where did my money go again?

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Let’s all face it: college breaks the bank. Therefore, having efficient spending habits is important, so that you can still have fun after your school bills are all taken care of. Some ways that you can efficiently spend are to …


  • BUDGET!! Budgeting is so important because you can track how much and where your money is going. Budgeting helps you plan and prevent overspending, which is a big issue for college students. At the start of each month, figure out how much money you will have throughout the next four weeks and when you will get it. Then distribute it— first among your bills, then extra activities.


  • Buy smart! If you want to go to the movies, buy discounted movies tickets, which would save you $4-$6. You can sometimes buy movie tickets through your school’s activity board or from local credit unions if you are a member, such as Empower FCU.


  • Food. Food. Food. We all do it, we all overspend on food! That $4 slice of pizza that you bought last night that still left you hungry afterwards could have been a $0.89 box of pasta, a $1.29 pasta sauce, and $3.99 piece of chicken. All that money would have made you pasta that would have left you full and with leftovers.


  • Buy in bulk for your dorm snacks/drinks. Buying a Starbucks coffee at $2.49 a bottle is more expensive than buying the 4 pack at $5.99…overall saving you almost $4.00. Buying the $6.99 variety 12 pack of Lays is cheaper than $0.99 a bag….overall savings of around $5.00


  • Make the Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and Dollar General your best friend. All three, especially the Dollar Tree, have items that are both name brand and good quality for so much cheaper than your traditional grocery stores. Anything from cleaning supplies, snacks, deodorant, cooking ware, etc. are found in the same brands for $2-$4 cheaper. Save your cash and make a dash to the closest Dollar Tree!


Most college students know the struggle of not being able to do something when they want to because of lack of money, but following some of these tips will help you keep some extra money to do the things you want to. Spend smart!

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