Thoughts and Prayers- Satire

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What in the world can we do after a tragedy strikes? The masses are confused and have no idea what to do to fix this mess. Such tragedies, such as mass shootings and gun violence, can only be resolved in one way. The one true solution is right in front of us as we see this every time a mass shooting happens. Thoughts and Prayers are the only solutions to overcoming mass shootings. The other options are too ineffective to be used. They do not work.


Our great nation is divided into many different factions over the issue of gun violence and what to do about it. Some say it’s a mental health issue. Others claim that it is a gun law issue. These camps are divided as one side refuses to give in to the other. There is a third side to the issue as some believe that it’s both a mental health and gun law issue. Regardless of where an individual may stand, there is a movement growing that is the true answer to this problem.


With this most recent mass shooting it is clear that the tension leading up to it has been building for some time. The most recent mass shooting was known to law enforcement for months leading up to the event. In this case, it was the failure of our government for not protecting us. Maybe if we shared more, like, thoughts and prayers, we could have swayed the shooter before it even could have happened.


Thoughts and Prayers for the deceased plastered all over social media is the only solution to this issue. Sharing this little significant message all over your personal social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more promotes a healthy environment as well as notifying those around you that you support this issue and sending your virtual prayers and messages of hope to those impacted. I can assure you that your message reaches all of those in your personal virtual community and can make a huge impact. Simply sharing this message could also deter future criminals from following through with their disastrous plans.


It is a common assumption that a change in policy or even new regulations could potentially avoid disasters such as this one. However, by doing so this could potentially impact an individual’s right to bear arms and such concepts are unfathomable. Due to this potentially controversial decision, many in politics are refusing to even consider this a viable option to solve this issue and continue to promote sharing Thoughts and Prayers as the best solution. Since politicians


are never wrong and would never mislead the American people, we must go ahead and continue to share these messages of hope to everyone around us to follow the example set by our policymakers, as well as agreeing with powerful organizations such as the National Rifle Association as they have the best interests of the American people.


Providing assistance to those suffering from mental health issues is also not the right solution. As many have said, mental health issues are just a figment of a person’s imagination. It is a waste of money as well as diverting resources that would be better used for other purposes. Plus it’s not easily feasible for people to seek support for mental health issues so providing those resources aren’t worth the time and effort. This time and effort should be focused on sharing thoughts and prayers, following in the footsteps of our leader, President Donald Trump.


Why should individuals spend the time and effort to try to make these drastic changes as a simple share or retweet of a heartfelt message of thoughts and prayers is more than adequate for solving these issues? Promoting these issues so they become trending is necessary in order to increase the visibility of these issues. This is a pressing issue as these events are happening more and more often so sharing thoughts and prayers can completely block current mass shootings by drowning out the notifications from the news sources. It makes everyone forget about what is going on so we can focus on the more pressing issues, such as repealing mental health checks for gun purchases and building a wall so we can protect our borders.


Becoming a social media sharer after times such as this is becoming commonplace for us as it is a more useful waste of our time as lobbying for stricter gun control or pushing for mental health support is clearly not going to work or fix this. We’ve tried to push for gun control, or for mental health checks in order to purchase weapons but clearly, that didn’t work in the short time frame it existed so it got repealed pretty quickly by President Trump. Ending a waste of resources clearly. We need to spend our time and effort tweeting and sharing how we are with the survivors and wish for the best, rather than actually wasting our time talking to politicians on new plans and what to do next. Clearly, the social media route is the way to go, that’s for sure.