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Shakespeare Shifted
February 1, 2018

This week in the Couples Corner our question is: I like this guy and he used to be in a relationship with my best friend, what do I do?

If his ex is your best friend, you should probably have a conversation with your friend first, just to make sure she’s okay with it. Your friend should understand and she should also be able to give you a better insight on who she is as a person.

If she doesn’t want you to date her ex then perhaps giving her more time to heal is needed. These situations are kind of tricky and need time. If after a decent amount of time (let’s say one to two months) she’s still saying no, don’t date the guy. You should also have a heart to heart with her. Try to understand why she doesn’t want you to date him. Listen to your friend or try something new.

Overall, the choice is yours. As long as you understand where your friend is coming from and she is truly okay with you dating him, you shouldn’t deny yourself. With this kind of situation communication is key, mostly between you and your friend. If you care about her feelings you will talk to her first.