An Open Letter about Letting Go


It’s that time of year, when we all get ready to say “See you next semester” or “Good riddance.” Plans are being made for the summer, or in the case of those graduating, the rest of your life. As all of these changes are happening, I want you all to know that the next chapter of your life is going to be as good as you make it.

We prepare now, so we will be set later. And that’s why you can’t be afraid to let go; to let go of people, places, situations, or anything else that will possibly set you back. Just because you started here doesn’t mean you have to finish here. Just because they started out as your friend doesn’t mean they’ll be your friend forever. Just let some situations die because not everything needs to be brought back to life. Just let it go.

I’m at a point in my life where I can’t afford to drag extra things around. If it’s meant to be, it will be. If not, this is the end. I’ve had to let go of a 5-year relationship with someone who I thought would never leave my side. I might even be preparing to be a single parent very soon because I refuse to let anyone or anything bring me down.

I know there are so many times when we’re scared of letting go because we get too comfortable, but getting too comfortable is never a good thing. Even as you get older, you shouldn’t let anything stop you from being the greatest you. It hurts, I know, and I really wish I could say that it doesn’t, but it hurts like hell. Remember, people will always shame you for whatever decision you make. Ignore them. This is your life, not theirs.

Le Moyne and my experiences here were very interesting. Being here wasn’t about just going to school, it was about growing up and growing out of things in my life. I’m letting go of Le Moyne, but will always remember it. I’m turning to a new chapter in my life, one that I’ve never experienced before, but I’m very excited about.

For those who will be back next semester, I hope you all have a great summer break. And for those who are graduating with me, I wish you nothing but the best of luck out there in the world ‘cause things are about to get real.

Much love & peace,