The Couple’s Corner


Hello everyone and welcome back to the Couple’s Corner. This week’s anonymous question is: I feel like my boyfriend and I do the same date every week. Do you have any suggestions on fun dates we could do to switch things up?

Of course I do! As spring approaches, we start to feel the urge to spend more time outside. While staying in can be fun, sometimes you gotta get out and switch things up. I would recommend a hike at one of the local state parks as the weather gets warmer. It’s a great way to get outside, as well as spend time with the person you love. Another outdoor suggestion would be going to the zoo. Who doesn’t love to look at cute animals and get some fresh air?

If the outdoors isn’t your thing, no matter the weather, I’ve got you covered. Go to the mall and play some laser tag, or try out a puzzle room. They’re both fun alternatives and let you and your significant other work as a team.

If competition isn’t your thing, going to art events might be. Go to a science museum, check out a local art exhibit, or even see a play. The point here is you have to do something you will both like. Or try something totally new to the both of you. That way it’s a new experience that you can share in together.

It’s all about what you’re willing to do and where a compromise can be made to make the most out of your date and time together. Most importantly: keep it fun. Dates are supposed to be exciting and enjoyable. So go and try something new, or just open your mind to each others’ interests.

All the love,