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February 1, 2018

Hello and welcome to Grace’s Couple Corner.

This week’s question sent in anonymously is: My boyfriend thinks I’m clingy, but I don’t think I’m clingy. What do I do?

With all good relationships communication is key. I would sit down with your boyfriend or just casually ask what you do that he views as clingy. Once you find that out, cut back on that behavior just a little bit. Sometimes we can get overly attached and not realize it, which is why communication is so important.

Being open and honest about how you are both feeling in your relationship is important. That way you know where boundaries are and what you are both comfortable with. It’s also worth noting that people tend to feel clingy when they feel like they aren’t getting enough attention.

It would be beneficial to ask yourself and evaluate how you are acting, and why you might be clingy. Once you figure that out, talk about it with your boyfriend. You will both feel better once you’ve talked about things that have been bothering you.

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