Shoveling out of Stella


‘Twas the night before Stella,
When all through Le Moyne
Not a student was sleeping,
Especially The Wizard;
All smartphones were checking emails without despair,
In hopes that a snow day soon would be there;
Then Dolphins woke up with a snow day, then two!
So they went shoveling and sledding. What did you do?

While some slept in after the email alerts, others started the day by trekking through the snow to get a hot brunch, filled with eggs and delicious muffins.

Some––hopefully not many of you––spent their extended Spring Break getting work and studying done in the Science Center and the library.

But, did you know snow days provide the perfect excuse to really enjoy a cheat day? To just put on that favorite oversized sweatshirt, log in to Netflix, and enjoy some hot cocoa in bed?

Some courageous and cold-blooded Dolphins saw the mounds as perfect indication for sledding. And because no one was prepared for the wrath of Stella and bought a sled in the middle of March, people had to get creative. I saw firsthand that the tops of storage bins make pretty gnarly sleds.

And for those poor, poor souls that were still required to go to work, how long did it take you to dig your car out of the parking lot? Did you make the same mistake that I did and park right where they pile up all the plowed snow? Thank God for all-wheel and four-wheel drive!

Although Spring is now officially here and the nice weather is supposedly on the way, we must thank Stella for giving us two full days to adjust to the snow once again.