#DolphinsLiveWell: “Be Safe on Spring Break!”

A “week of recess” from college life during March is a longstanding tradition. Spring Break provides some relief from academic studies, time to catch up, travel, enjoy time with friends and family, give back to the community, or just enjoy the pleasure of sleeping in…and it is no secret that good health contributes to academic success. If you’re feeling relaxed and happy, your motivation increases! Yet, academics, work, social, and personal demands can be overwhelming, undoing our efforts to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  Spring Break provides an excellent opportunity to not only have fun and let loose, but it also offers you the chance to engage in restorative wellness!

Go and have a great time, and take the break to relax. Enjoy yourself, and don’t get hung up on working and studying your time away. Life (and break!) is all about balance. Try to get as much regenerative rest as you can and spend some time doing absolutely nothing! Make sure this break allows you to recharge for the rest of the semester, and try not to come back more exhausted than you left. You want to enjoy yourself whether you’re travelling, visiting family and friends, or just laying low. Create memories that will carry you through the stressful times that you know will surely come when you get back to campus!

Speaking of memories, we want ones that are positive, good, and bring us joy, so let’s avoid potential problems while away on break which could result in an experience you would rather just forget. Many of you will travel with friends, or just even hang out with friends from home. Not everything about your spring break will go perfectly, but try to make it an overall positive experience.

Enjoy yourself, but don’t be irresponsible. Recognize that your health and safety are more important than having fun. If you’re traveling, be smart about it…know your surroundings and where you are and make sure you are with people you trust. While part of any adventure is to meet new people and make new connections, please recognize that you can be vulnerable in an unfamiliar setting, especially if alcohol is involved. It’s imperative that you and your friends look out for each other and ensure that no one is in a risky position. Keep your phone with you at all times, as well as extra cash.

If you’re planning outdoor activities in warm climates, make sure you use sunscreen and stay hydrated. Nothing is worse than planning a trip only to get sunburned the first day and be out of commission for the rest of your vacation! When you go out, stay in a group and use the buddy system. Make sure you get your own drinks, or at least see what’s being put in them…and drinking water is always the safest option. Stay safe, stay vigilant and don’t feel like you missed out if you don’t go wild.   

The Wellness Center wishes everyone safe and happy travels!