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Dear Editor,

The Falcone article is misleading and disappointing.

The article published in last week’s The Dolphin titled “Le Moyne Paid Over $670,000 to Falcone-Owned Business for Construction” was disappointing to read and misleading to readers. This article directly implied that one of the College’s Trustees received kickbacks for being a member of the Board and for being a benefactor of the College.    

Let me be clear: Investigative reporting is crucial to maintaining the integrity of our country and our institutions.  The investigation into the issue is commendable. The problem is that this article was still published even though there was no story, there was no violation of ethics, and the Board of Trustees Conflict of Interest Committee determined no notable conflict of interest into the decision to use Pioneer Management Group (owned by Falcone’s husband) existed. The Conflict of Interest Committee has board members who are professional attorneys who evaluate the legal aspects of these decisions, and almost all members of the Board of Trustees are Le Moyne College alumni, educated in the Jesuit tradition.  Is it being implied that these alumni and servants of the College are willing to compromise their ethical integrity to give a $672,000 contract to a member of the Board of Trustees’ husband as kickback?  That these graduates educated in the Jesuit spirit of integrity are willing to cast their education and values aside?

The implications of this article are significant. This article directly implies that we, as students, should question the integrity and honesty of our College’s administration, committees, attorneys and Board of Trustees. As someone who knows all of these people, including Noreen Reale Falcone, I find this allusion preposterous.

I have had the privilege to serve as a student liaison to three different committees of the Board of Trustees–– Finance and Audit, Investment, and Student Development. I can tell you firsthand that these Trustees are unequivocally honest, duty-driven, and conscientious. They would not jeopardize the name and integrity of themselves or the College to give a fellow Trustee a kickback for being a faithful and philanthropic alum of the College.  The thought is simply offensive. And what would the solution be? To pick a less qualified company to help construct our buildings?  

The Falcone article was grasping for straws in order to get people to read the paper. Instead of providing an insightful and meaningful article to campus, the article smeared the name of one of Le Moyne College’s most loyal, generous, and kind benefactors and Trustees. I cannot in good conscience read this and not offer a serious rebuttal.


Will Brown ‘17

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