#DolphinsLiveWell: All Of Us


Maria Randazzo, Staff Writer

Welcome back to a new semester! I hope this spring brings you all success, a source of peace and understanding within our close-knit community. Much has occurred since the last time The Dolphin went to print in December:  We lost one of our own to senseless violence, we now have a new president, and we are looking at a political landscape that has the potential to be very different than the one we knew.

Over the last few weeks, the Le Moyne community, staff and students have had multiple opportunities for dialogue around some of these issues and time to explore our differences and our sameness. While most of you were still away on break, all Le Moyne staff members had an opportunity to come together and learn how we can make Le Moyne a more welcoming environment for all, students and staff alike. Dr. Jamie Washington came and spoke with staff earlier this month to share his thoughts on helping Le Moyne become a more inclusive workplace. His thoughts on intention vs. impact is a reminder that even though we don’t plan or intend to engage in conversation that marginalizes others, the negative impact still exists reminds us that while intentions may be good, impacts don’t change.  

Last week, as we celebrated the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, students had an opportunity to share how they plan on making their community more inclusive by submitting  pledges that will be on display in the Dining Center. We also welcomed national speaker, author and blogger Odell Bizzell II, whose presentation entitled “Why They Killed Dr. King” lead to discussion on how we as a community can keep Dr. King’s dream alive through our work and continued striving for success. Bizzell outlined his concept of clarity and consistency as a means of attaining this success: Clarity acknowledges that one knows exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it, while consistency speaks to staying focused for an extended period of time in order to follow through. He believes this not only pertains to continuing the quest for inclusivity, but also works in all areas of our lives.  

The highlight of our annual MLK convocation was a presentation by Dr. George Yancey, who delivered a powerful message regarding race relations in our country today. He outlined the role that we all have in exploring our own thoughts and values, but also being invested in keeping the channels of communication open. As we move forward through this semester, let’s embrace the knowledge afforded by all three of these speakers as we encounter the changes that are sure to come, both good and bad, in our world. At the same time, let us all take the opportunity to come together and focus on our mission of creating a more just society by being men and women for others.