How to Avoid the Freshman 15


Photo Courtesy of Clipart Kid.

Before entering college, it seems as though every person who has some advice to offer you mentions the dreaded Freshman 15, and makes sure you’re aware no one is safe. And once you actually enter college, you quickly find out why.

With all the studying, partying, sleeping, and late night snacking going on, that extra layer of insulation creeps on you a lot quicker than you imagined. On the other hand, it could very well work in your favor since you’ll want to stay warm during the icelandic winter months in Syracuse. It’s actually so cold that all you want to do is snuggle up in bed with some snacks and a cup of hot chocolate, watch Netflix and never leave your dorm room again. Eventually you’ll have a grand transformation—but not like Cinderella’s, instead you turn into the fat pumpkin.   So here’s a quick guide on how to avoid the weight gain and stay fit:

Take the stairs. If you do absolutely nothing else, just take the stairs every day and trust me, you’ll notice a difference. No matter what floor you live on, you can always take the stairs. Although, if you live on the second floor you should always take the stairs—if you take the elevator that’s just pure laziness and I can’t help you there. Fun fact: climbing two flights of stairs every day can help you lose six pounds over the course of a year.

Find a workout buddy. There’s no question about it, working out is always more fun with a friend. Having somebody watching your every move at the gym makes it a lot harder to slack off. Plus, it’s a lot harder to bail on workout plans you’ve made with somebody than the workout plans you’ve made with yourself.

Limit yourself to two plates at the Caf. Now the caf is a dangerous place to go. Free, unlimited food, from American Diner to Chinese…it’s bound to end in disaster. More often than not, I find myself leaving the caf feeling bloated and like it might be a better idea for me to roll myself out than walk. But, I have developed a strategy: no matter what, take no more than two plates of food. That often requires you taking the full lap beforehand and choosing wisely.

Drink water. Water is the source of life. All living things need water, and so do you. Up to 60 percent of our bodies are made up of water. So every day, it is recommended that you drink half a gallon or more. Often, you’ll feel hungry when you’re actually just thirsty. Drinking enough water will ensure that your body doesn’t trick you into thinking that you need to eat more food when you really don’t.

Don’t eat after 9pm. After a night out there’s usually nothing more enticing than a slice of Cam’s or a calzone from Calios. But don’t let yourself give into temptation. It’s likely that at 2am you’re not actually hungry, but just having mid-night snack cravings. Eating late at night contributes to weight gain. After all, you’re not burning any of those calories while you sleep, so anything you eat becomes directly stored as fat all around your body.

Get rid of the snacks in your room. The dreaded snacks. A common saying that you should all remember is, “Snacks make you fat.” Now I’m not saying that all snacks make you fat, but a lot of the time we simply snack because we’re bored, not because of hunger. Try to replace those Cheetos in your room with dried fruits or nuts.

Eat your greens. Having a balanced diet is important. It’s often too easy to eat grilled cheese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (I mean, they’re delicious, how can you help yourself?) Remember to eat your fruits and veggies, along with your calcium and proteins to keep your body in check.

Buy a set of scales. Often, and especially during winter when baggy sweaters reign, you won’t even realise we’re putting on any weight. Now, while ignorance may be bliss for some, it’s best to be aware of what is happening to your body and having the ability to stop things from getting out of control. Best to notice when you’re five pounds heavier than when you’re 15, right?