Sticks & stones may break my bones, but words…

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We use language every day. Words like, “Hey,” and, “See you later,” just flow out of our mouths. There is also another word that we say without thinking. A word that stems from hate. A word that was once used, and is still used despite some misguided belief, as an ethnic slur. In today’s society we use the “N word” as much as we use, “Bae” or “Netflix.” It surfaces when we talk to friends, listen to music and watch movies—it’s everywhere.

No matter how hard we try to normalize the word, its history will never change. It has become a part of our culture, and somehow we can’t seem to escape its use. Now, we don’t just direct the word towards a specific group of people, we refer to anyone using the “N word.” And oddly enough, some people see that as progress….

We have shifted into a world where curse words are no longer really curse words, but just words that are said in the everyday classroom setting or walking down the street—basically anywhere and everywhere. Think about the words we speak and hear every day. The average person is sure to hear or even use a word that was originally meant to offend but is now used with ease, and said with such indifference. When did words start to lose their power?

Yes, words are essential to our way of being, but that doesn’t mean we should use all the words in our vocabulary. And sometimes, it’s even better to just say nothing.