7 Things only retailers would understand

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April 28, 2016
7 Things only retailers would understand

Working in retail is not all that easy. There’s so much more to the job than just greeting customers, folding clothes and checking people out. I’ve worked in retail for some time now, so I’ve compiled a list of my personal experiences/stories that only other retailers can really understand:

Customers are not always right

It’s important to always listen to your customers, however, they are not always right. For instance, just because a customer found a misplaced item on a sale rack does not automatically mean that it will be discounted.

Misleading prices

Have you ever looked at a price sign and it stated in very small print something along the lines of, “For selected items only”? These misleading prices will ultimately lead customers to end up not purchasing the product, or a majority of the time, giving it back to the cashier at checkout.  

The backroom is not another store itself

The request for another item in the backroom is a question every retail worker will get at least once a week. The majority of the backrooms at Destiny USA are filled with boxes of shipment and employee items. Also, did I mention how small most of these backrooms are?

I did not make up the store policy

Store return policies vary from place to place. Some retail stores only allow for exchanges or store credit. I wish I was able to give you your money back, but I cannot. But I also did not make up the rules, so please do not take your anger out on me. Here’s the corporate number!

The store is not your play room

Just because we are paid to help customers does not mean we are your personal maids. Do not take advantage of us, and clean up after yourself.


We are not oblivious, we know what you are doing. So put the shirt back and step away from the clothing rack.

We’re not open!

It’s 9:28pm. There are two minutes left before the store will be closed and suddenly, a customer decides to make a last minute stop. You are hungry and tired, plus it’s getting late, yet you still have to wait until the customer is finished shopping before counting the money at the register. In the end, you clock out 30 minutes to an hour later than usual.


So next time you find yourself in a retail store, please take the retail workers into consideration and appreciate their service and help.