You know that feeling, the feeling of coming back home from class and hopping right into your cozy bed. You lay there while browsing on your phone, scrolling through social media as all thoughts of homework and responsibilities just float out of your mind. And as soon as you remember to look at the time, hours have already passed. As you lay there, you finally start to remember that you have two papers, three homework assignments, and laundry to do. But then you get a text from you friend that says, “Wanna go watch that new movie tonight?” And we all know how this will end: you glance down at your textbooks and blurt out that famous saying, “I’ll do it later.”

And this people is what you call PROCRASTINATION. According to Merriam Webster’s the definition of procrastination is: “To delay doing something until a later time because you do not want to do it, because you are lazy, etc.”

I must admit, procrastination is something that I suffer from almost every day. From the moment I get up to the moment I go back to sleep at night, putting off what should be done is something that I can’t help but do. Procrastination is a constant battle we all fight. It’s just so much more pleasing to do something you actually want to do!

But it’s almost over, the feeling of summer is in the air. There’s only a few weeks left of school and then we are finally free! And I know that because of this warmer weather, it’s much more difficult to deal with responsibilities. But we can all fight the procrastination struggle together! There’s no more time to postpone your papers, lab reports, or other assignments. It’s time to finish them now.

Planning is the key to success when battling with procrastination. So take out that planner you bought back in August and finally put it to some good use. Organize your plans for the next few weeks by highlighting your priorities. At the start of every morning, give yourself a few moments to write down daily goals and plan out your day through a checklist. If you follow your checklists, by the end of the day, you should be able to accomplish a majority of your goals. Organizing and planning your day will not only cut out your procrastinating habits, but will also give you more free time. Now, doesn’t it feel nice to lay in bed early without the constant thought of that paper in the back of your mind?

Although it may be a struggle, it will always feel better to accomplish something you have been putting off for days. So let’s fight this battle together. The end is  near. Stay strong and hang in there!