Long-Distance Relationships

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April 28, 2016
Long-Distance Relationships

It’s difficult to maintain any relationship, however, it’s even more difficult to maintain a long-distance relationship. Some of you may have graduated high school last year or will graduate from Le Moyne this semester, so this dilemma may not be new to you. A long-distance relationship (otherwise known as LDR) is a relationship when both partners are physically apart by a significant distance. It doesn’t matter if you are an hour away or thousands of miles apart, it is still considered a long-distance relationship.

Yes, despite the separation, there are many negatives and positives to long-distance relationships. The big question is: Is it worth it?

When taking on a long-distance relationship, there are many drawbacks. The major downfall is the fact that both you and your partner are separated, constantly. You don’t have the same opportunity as other couples to experience that physical bond. This can lead to loneliness and sadness. You’re walking in the hallways and see couples holding hands and kissing, while your other half is miles away.

The distance can also allow uncertainty to seep into your relationship. Because you can’t see him/her every day, you may question whether or not they are seeing someone else. And when you do try to see each other, there can be a lot of rescheduling due to  your separate agendas. Seeing each other also comes along with travel expenses. Purchasing plane tickets or gas money can be very expensive nowadays, especially if you are a college student.

Many of those who have never experienced a long-distance relationship before will only see the flaws in it. And while the “heartships” are difficult to ignore, there are many positives to this kind of relationship. Since the major drawback is the lack of physical connection, you will be able to gain a stronger verbal bond with each other. In a relationship it’s always important to be strong communicators; and because of this you, are able to build a deeper trust in your relationship. Being so far apart gives you more time for yourself. Having that distance apart can also be beneficial because you are allowed to explore what you want and who you are, without that other person. Each of you can focus on your own goals, while also maintaining a similar goal of coming together in the (hopefully) near future. And what is better than having that excitement of finally being able to see each other? Forget about the price of the plane ticket, because it’s most likely well worth it. It’s an unforgettable moment, which you both can cherish together.

There are many pros and many cons to a long-distance relationship. From my personal experience, however, the distance can really contribute to a stronger relationship. So don’t be afraid to take on a long-distance relationship.