8 Things to do after graduation

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April 28, 2016
  1. Travel with friends

Take a trip to another country, camp at a beach, or go on a road trip. It doesn’t matter where you decide to go, as long as you are enjoying the moment. You have survived these four long years of college and now it’s time for a little enjoyment before you enter the real world. Have fun and cherish the moments you have with your college friends. So when you’re older, you can think back on them and say, “Hey, remember the time when we went on that awesome trip together after graduation?”

  1. Move to a new city

It is time to explore a new city. If you’re from Syracuse, move out and experience the life in a larger city. Whether it’s to New York City or Los Angeles, this is a big step in life. Step out of your comfort zone and learn how to love being independent. This will allow you to gain new experience, along with the ability to live on your own.

  1. Make new friends

Everyone will have their different paths. You know that your friends will always be there for you even if you’re physically far apart. But it is also time for you to start all over again and make new friends as well. Befriend a coworker or a neighbor and take them out to lunch or dinner.

  1. Date

As already said, go out and explore. If you are not currently dating someone, have fun and go on a blind date. Don’t just go on one blind date, but go on multiple dates. It doesn’t have to lead to a serious relationship, it can lead to long term friendships and new connections.

  1. Become a regular at your favorite coffee shop

You know in those movies or television shows where you always see those characters hanging around their favorite shop—YOU CAN DO IT TOO! Whether it’s Starbucks or a local coffee shop, become a regular there. Let it be your favorite hangout spot for your morning stops or lunch breaks. Don’t be embarrassed and let them remember your daily orders and name.

  1. Join a gym

With all those late night runs to the den or fast food places along with the freshmen fifteen, it’s time to get in shape. After graduation you won’t be on campus anymore with a gym to go to. Get a buddy and hit up the local gym. Join classes, whether it’s Pilates or Zumba. The point is, have fun and try to make time to exercise with your busy schedule.

  1. Continue your hobbies

After you graduate, you won’t be able to participate in any of the clubs that you’re in now. Find activities that deal with your hobbies. For instance, if you love to paint, continue it by going to activities such as painting  and wine. Join a sports league or take a part time job in something you love doing.

  1. Journaling

Lastly, enjoy your time alone. After a long day, take that pleasure of jumping right into bed after work and journal about your day. It can be a reflection of your day or just daily goals you would like to accomplish.