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Lately, around school there has been a bit of a virus spreading. It’s a little different from your common cold or the flu. This virus spreads heavily and rapidly throughout the senior class. We call this, SENIOR-itis!

The knowledge of this virus is always talked about from upperclassman to underclassmen every year, but you never realize how real it is until your final year in college comes rolling along. All the years prior to your last, you want to have your grades intact for this prime reason. Getting all your tough classes and core classes out of the way leaves you room to take some electives to lighten your last semester schedule. From my person experience, this feeling began to spread and expand as my college athletic career came to an end, I started to catch senioritis from the other seniors who had already been infected with the virus. Like myself, many other athletes are starting to add to this ever growing population of those with SENIOR-itis.  

It’s the second semester of your senior year and you are getting bombarded with emails about graduation and what your future looks like, and the last thing you want to think about is doing school work. Work starts to take a backseat behind being with those around you and enjoying every moment you have left. There’s also so many other things that take you away from getting your work done: you have the excitement of March Madness games, the buzz around school of when dolphy day will be, and all the peer pressure from friends around you.

As a senior, you want to enjoy your last semester with your friends before you actually have to become an adult. Yes, once you walk that stage in May you become a  “real” adult, so living up your last moments on campus pulls you away from all of the work you may have been avoiding from your classes. All we want to do is relax and enjoy being with our friends who have become family over the last four years. This is what senioritis is all about.

Even though this is the case, and all we seniors want to do is have fun and not think, there has to come a time when we shake off this senioritis virus. We all want to be out with all the other students enjoying the nice weather on the quad, instead of being stuck in the library catching up on what we should have done. So, here is my direct advice for myself and to my fellow seniors: The work won’t do itself, so get it done and let’s all finish what we started! Don’t catch a serious case of senioritis to the point that you’re backed up on due dates and missing out on the great weather coming our way.