Basketball is my favorite sport

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April 7, 2016
Basketball is my favorite sport

For the past four years here at Le Moyne I’ve been a part of the men’s basketball team but my career on the court came to an end about three weeks ago. I came into Le Moyne curious to see how my college experience would be and how far I could make it on my journey as a college athlete. I’ve been through so much over my career and it would be extremely difficult to explain it all. The thought of college basketball being over has haunted me this entire year, and as the seconds trickled down during my final game, my nightmare became a reality. Once the clock hit zero and the game was done, I was forced to look at the word student-athlete differently. I had to focus on the STUDENT part because I wasn’t an athlete anymore.  

Not being an athlete anymore has already changed so much of what I’ve been used to for the past four years of my life. The days have all felt like off days to me with all the free time and I just haven’t adjusted yet. Maybe it’ll start to hit hard now because spring break is over and in the past, I would be preparing to jump right back into the upcoming season with offseason workouts. Instead, I’m using this time to get more into my studies. Many people don’t realize how much time playing a sport actually takes up. I’ve compared playing a sport to those who have to work while taking classes in college. Basketball was basically a full-time job that I had to devote tons of time and energy to each and every day. I feel like there are going to be times when I’ll have so much free time that I’ll have no clue what to do with myself.

My main goal will be focusing on my school in its entirety and continuing to get into the gym to work on my game more, just as if I was still a part of the team. There could be opportunities out there for me, maybe the ball isn’t finished bouncing for me just yet. I can now manage my time and choose what schedule best fits for me. Now I can get in the gym and play the when I want to.

Basketball has been my passion and for any athlete who loves their craft, there’s no way one can drop it so easily. This game has awarded me with so many different opportunities and has brought me to so many different places. I have no choice but to love everything about it. It has brought me to college, a place I never imagined being while growing up, and given me an experience I will never take for granted. Now, there’s a new main focus for me going forward into these next few months…GRADUATION. Excelling in the classroom will give me the extra boost I need to get my diploma and accomplish another goal that I couldn’t have imagined doing. Once I walk the stage, life really starts and the memories will flow. Le Moyne and the Basketball program have given me all they could offer and I couldn’t have asked to come to a better place. I’ve met so many people and built friendships and relationships that will continue on throughout my life. Now I’m preparing to play one on one against the real world, and I look forward to beating the odds and being successful in whatever future plans find me.