Swimsuit Shopping & How to Survive

Abigail Adams

Abigail Adams

There I was, standing in the TJ Maxx dressing room, trying to find a swimsuit I actually liked. Spring break is vastly approaching and every girl knows that finding the perfect swimsuit is essential. I tried on a pink bikini and called my friend over for her opinion (because how else do you shop if you don’t get approval from your friends first?). She told me she loved it so I said, “Okay, I guess so.” I walked out of the dressing room and immediately said to her, “Wait, are you sure you like this one? It’s not too flashy? Do you like this style better than the other one? Do the straps make my arms look weird?”

I bought it anyways.

Not only is swimsuit shopping essential, but it makes you realize that you either hate your body or love it. There is no inbetween. You look in the mirror at the body you’ve been able to cover for months and slowly start to cry to yourself. Then you wonder if you could get away with just wearing a cloak to the pool, like Harry Potter style, but way cuter, obviously. Maybe a white one with gold trim? And some tassles on the sleeves?

My friends and I then decided to go to Aerie, where we were greeted by racks and racks of multicolored swimsuits in every shape and style imaginable. The truth is, I knew they looked so much better on the clean white hangers and in the fancy drawers than they would on me, so I opted out of trying any on. But, my friends tried on several. Not only were there a million options for swimsuits but the straps just kept getting more and more complicated. I don’t understand how that’s comfortable, or why you would want to spend the majority of your morning trying to figure out how to put your body in it? And who wants those tan lines? You would end up looking like you just laid out on a George Foreman in your backyard all afternoon. My friend probably called me into her dressing room about five times asking me if the strap is supposed to go under her arm or over her head. I basically responded with, “Umm… I have no idea. Neither?” She then asked the dressing room attendant who said, “That’s a good question, I don’t know actually.…”

So, how do you survive swimsuit shopping before spring break?

DON’T expect to be in tip-top shape. The weather’s cold, you might’ve skipped the gym a couple times to stay in, drink wine, and eat popcorn…that’s okay.

DON’T compare yourself to the girls on the Forever21 website, they aren’t real. NOT REAL. Apparently the Aerie ones are though!

ALWAYS bring your closest friends shopping with you. They will be the ones to tell you if you can rock it or not.

ALWAYS get froyo after like I did, so you feel even better about the situation.

DON’T be so hard on yourself and your body. Confidence is key.