The Test of Trust

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Adele vs. Beyonce
February 23, 2017

Every couple has faced this issue. It’s the test of all relationships of any kind. What do you do when your significant other goes away without you on a trip? In most cases a one day overnight to Atlantic City feels like a four-week adventure to Tijuana. Your mind races to all the possibilities and extremes of what could be going on. What are they doing now? Why are they not texting me? Have they been on Facebook? You picture a hot blonde girl that turns tricks, wooing your item to the nearest hotel room. This is the ultimate test of trust with someone.

You have two choices here. The first choice is to stare at your phone, and stalk Facebook until your eyes bleed and you have hourly anxiety attacks as images invade your mind.  The other option is to keep busy, trust that they are making wise choices, and be confident that he/she loves you. You can trust that the heart shaped necklace isn’t a symbol of irony, but a true display of affection.

Now talking from experience, I know that this is not an easy thing to do. Creeping on social media seems like a bright star, but it is truly a flickering light. A real relationship is based on trust. You need to believe that your loved one is okay and is just going to have non-sexual fun. Not every trip a person goes on turns into an Al Green record. Not every getaway turns into MTV’s “Spring break.”

If you are lucky, this unwanted experience will only be a weekend or less. But if it is a week, things will still be okay. Take it hour by hour. One day at a time. Keep busy with friends, chicken wings, and movies that produce no emotion but laughter. Side note: the movie choice is big. “The Fault In Our Stars” is a no go. If you are worried about a party trip stay away from “The Hangover.” Nothing sad, deep, or anything that would feed into your darkest fears. This goes without saying, but do not listen to any music by Adele. That will just cause a marathon of wallowing, which will lead to tears in your BBQ ribs that you started to eat, and no one wants that.

The main point that I am trying to make is when your loved one, or even liked one, goes away take a note from Anna Nalick and just breathe. Title or no title, in love or thinking about love, Atlantic City or Kansas, everything will work out. Not every person you are with will follow that young hot girl into the nearest bathroom. Sometimes a trip is just a trip. Like I said, relax and breathe. Your friends might call you obsessed or crazy. Your loved one might call you insecure. At the end of the day you are just a person in love that doesn’t want to get hurt. And you are  going to be okay.