When is Love no Longer Enough?

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February 23, 2017
When is Love no Longer Enough?

Love, something that we all want, something we spend our whole lives looking for, and let’s face it: something that drives us to do crazy things. You hear about the stories on TV shows where a person falls in love with a person they have never met and sends them gifts and money, and most of the time the person that they love isn’t really who they say they are. People say that when a woman falls in love, they fall deep. They give their partner their whole self. They are all in. I disagree. Male or female, I believe that whenever a person is truly in love with someone they give their whole self. The song goes, “Love is all you need,” but here is a question to raise, when is love no longer enough? What can’t love conquer? What can’t love fix?

I personally believe love is not enough to solve every issue. Sometimes saying, “I love you” is like putting a band-aid on a cut four inches deep. Not enough. It’s a story old as time. A person falls in love with someone and they stay in a dead end relationship. Why? Because they are in love. It’s as if when you fall in love there are rose colored glasses placed over your eyes, and the person in your view can do no wrong.

There’s the girl that spends all night crying and cursing her boyfriend because he broke her heart, but the second he says, “Sorry,” she runs back to him, why? Love.

I know the story all too well. I go back to the same person over and over, even though they will never love me in the same way I love them-I can’t help it. Why does this happen to people like me? Love. Letting go of someone you love is like living in a three wall house in the winter. It’s cold and it hurts. It is even worse when it’s your first true love. Letting go of your first true love is like losing a body part. A piece of you is gone now. A piece of you is missing.

Loving someone that doesn’t love you back is one example of when love is no longer enough. Another example might be when someone breaks the trust in a relationship. To a vast majority of people once trust is broken in some way, like cheating, lying, and/or stealing, the word love loses its weight. Love hardly ever withstands the circle of trust being broken.

Love makes people do crazy things. It makes you stay longer than you should. It makes you forgive more than you should. It is like living in a world where you are always drunk. You lack judgment and good decision making skills.

I beg you all to ask yourselves this question one more time: When does that one word lose all meaning? When do you cut the chord and let go of a love that will never be returned? When do you decide that a broken heart is less painful than a skinny love? When does trust become more important than love? When is love no longer enough?