26 Thoughts you have when coming back from break

Winter break is all about taking the time to restore yourself after getting torn apart by the fall semester and happily letting all the nonsense tv feeds you push everything you learned out of your brain. At first it’s fun: waking up when your body tells you to instead of your irritatingly loud alarm clock, eating real food that doesn’t go right through you, wearing your pajamas all day without caring whether you’re productive or not. And then the days start to blend together and the monotony becomes, well, boring.

So you begin to look forward to getting back to campus. Seeing  your friends and yes, actually having work to do that will keep you busy and effective. The idea of getting back to a structured schedule is actually comforting and you welcome it. Gradually you start to countdown the days until you move back into your dorm room…and then the day comes.

It’s one thing to think about the semester starting, it’s a completely other thing to actually go back. As you pack up your room your excitement quickly starts to fade as you remember the stress and tiredness from last semester, and although you want to see everyone again, you begin to think Facetime might be just as good as seeing them in person.

Here are some thoughts that go through every college student’s’ head at some point as they get ready to return to college after winter break:

  1. A month away isn’t long enough. I need more time.
  2. I barely got the chance to do any of the things I planned on doing.
  3. I read twenty pages of that one book, but I’m going to need at least another month or so if I’m going to get halfway through it.
  4. My bed was too comfortable for me to be productive.
  5. Wait. Does sleeping count as an activity?
  6. Because if it does, I was extremely productive over winter break.
  7. Plus I watched a lot of Netflix. Netflix, my love.
  8. How will I make time for Netflix with school getting in the way of us spending time together?
  9. I don’t know if I can do it. We barely had time together last semester, and that was unbearable.
  10. I mean, my grades were better—but still, it was rough.
  11. I wonder if my friends watched that show “Making A Murderer.”
  12. I did. Finished it in a day. No shame.
  13. If I didn’t have school I might’ve watched it again.
  14. Uh, I miss my friends so much.
  15. I can’t wait to see them
  16. But I’ll miss my parents too…
  17. …especially when I have to do my laundry or cook or pay for things.
  18. Hopefully they put money in my account.
  19. God I hope they did.
  20. (Checks bank account) Phew.
  21. (Phone dings) Oh, I just got an email from my professor.
  22. Homework. Due. First day.
  24. What ever happened to easing back into school work?
  25. This isn’t even an important class—It’s elementary Spanish.
  26. I’m already tired of school. I need my bed.