How To Succeed On Your New Year’s Resolution

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How To Succeed On Your New Years Resolution

Alright, let’s face it. We have already lost our resolution for this year. We already stopped going to the gym, or put down that book, or just plainly reverted back into our 2015 ways…like we do every year. But hey, there’s always time to start anew! So here are a few tips to get you back on track for this new year!

Set a Time Limit: In situations like this, having a deadline can really help someone out! Give yourself a schedule to stick to and you’d be surprised what you can accomplish!

Find a Buddy: Doing anything with a friend is always more enjoyable than doing it alone. Find someone who wants to make their New Year’s resolution similar to yours and cheer each other on. If you have someone you’re working with, chances are you will take it more seriously yourself.

Don’t Give Up: If you mess up once, don’t use that as an excuse to just walk away from the whole thing. Use it as the setback it is and work through it.

Set Realistic Goals: Chances are, you’re not going to read every single day to start out, but try reading at least once a week! Little accomplishments like that make it easier to stay on track and not give up on your resolution!


I hope these tips will help! Welcome back to Le Moyne, ‘Phins! Have a great semester and an even better year!