This one’s for the Scavengers

Allison Dolzonek

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Thoughts on Spring
February 25, 2016
This one’s for the Scavengers

How is it possible, that within the span of a six hour car ride back to Syracuse from Boston, I go from eating homemade french toast and drinking mimosas for breakfast (serious shoutout to my roommate’s mom), to cooking myself lima beans and kidney beans mixed with goldfish for some added ‘crunch’ for dinner? I’ll tell you how. It’s because I am a scavenger. And chances are, if you’re in college and you’re reading this, you are a scavenger too.

We are the ones who are too cheap to go to the grocery store more than once a month (if even that frequently), so we eat stale oyster crackers instead of pretzels. We shamelessly consume questionably expired food our roommates are about to throw away. We sneak into the cafeteria because we never signed up for a meal plan. We have the library’s finals week snack schedule memorized by heart. Free Sample Sunday at Wegmans is our church and academic talks that provide little sandwiches our hallelujah.

I wish someone would have told me how quickly  “cooking for myself” turns into foraging for nuts and berries throughout the woods in the back of campus. I wish I would have known that vegetables would be replaced with month-old frozen lima beans and cans of corn.

And here we are. Two weeks from the end of the semester, we’ve been tempted with Thanksgiving turkey and seemingly copious home cooked meals and fully stocked cupboards. It’s so cruel, we get so comfortable for six days and then are  forced to return to our twin-sized beds and fridges filled with nothing but wine and moldy pasta sauce. But still here we are.

So here’s to you, my fellow scavengers. Here’s to two more weeks of drinking milk four days older than the “best if used by” date and eating spoonfuls of peanut butter for dinner. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being a scavenger, it’s that we’re experts at persevering. And, hey,  if we can eat raw potatoes, we can survive anything, including the end of the semester. Cheers.