Hi, I Love Wine

Hi, I Love Wine

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said to my friends, “A glass of wine a day is good, it’s healthy for you.” It’s true you guys! Wine is actually really good for you. Not only does it go well with sharp cheese & crackers and a terrifying episode of American Horror Story, but the empty bottles can also be used for a fun and creative Pinterest project [or you could stack them on a shelf like the cool sorority houses do].

It has been proven time and time again that a glass of wine can improve your health, especially for people who have Type 2 Diabetes. A study done by Iris Shai of Ben Gurion University found that a glass of red wine a day helps improve blood sugar and strengthens people’s overall cardiovascular health. This is good news for the Diabetes community, because there’s a common myth that alcohol is not safe to have in their diet. So next time you eat that lovely pasta dish you made in your kitchen, pour yourself a nice red in that sparkly pink wine glass your best friend bought you for your 21st birthday [you know you have one].

Wine is also a great excuse to have your friends over and gossip about things, even if it’s just to try and make sense of the latest episode of “How To Get Away With Murder.” Pour some melted chocolate over that warm movie theatre popcorn and sip that Moscato, because there’s no way you can go to the gym anyways, it’s closed.

Do you ever not want to go out on a Thursday? Well that’s what wine is for. When you don’t feel like getting your heels covered in whatever the stickiness is on the Clinton Street Pub floor, then put some fuzzy socks on and pour yourself a fun size glass of wine. Surf the web, online shop, call your Grandma, organize your closet, watch a sappy movie, watch a hilarious movie, watch whatever show you missed last Thursday because you were out dancing on the bar. Wine is ALWAYS a good option, and the safest way to get buzzed on a weekday [here’s to you Wine Wednesday].

Ever been to a wine festival? I have, and I highly suggest it. Wineries from all over the area bring bottles of their best wine for you to sample and buy [most are under $12 and totally worth it]. My experience was highly enjoyable. After sampling the entire tent, I went back through and decided to buy my favorites. It expanded my palette and shrank my wallet, but it was my 21st birthday, what else was I supposed to do with all that birthday money? Save it? No….

The truth is, someday when I’m old and alone, my children [meaning my 8 Golden Retrievers] and I will own a winery. I will occasionally ride down the grape vine rows on my stallion just like Dennis Quaid in The Parent Trap. #Goals, right?


Disclaimer: I am 21. [Where my 94’ babies at?!]