#DolphinsLiveWell: “You Are Not Alone” Week


As we come to the end of the first month of the semester, hopefully everybody is finding their footing on campus:  we hope that freshmen are finding new surroundings and that upperclassmen are reestablishing their old ones and moving forward with the goals of their respective year.

Sometimes, however, these transitions don’t go as smoothly as we would like them to or as we expect them to. You may experience small bumps in the road or large chasms that keep you from progressing. Sometimes these occur here, but for some people, these might be challenges that could have started before they got to Le Moyne this year.

We’re here to tell you that everyone experiences challenges, no matter how small or large. We also want to let you know that there is always someone there at Le Moyne that can help you get through it!

Next week is our annual, “You Are Not Alone Week” [YANA]. You might have seen folks wearing these T-shirts from previous years around campus — they mean something! This week recognizes and celebrates Le Moyne’s commitment to being an inclusive and caring community, and wants everybody on its campus to feel like they have an ally, no matter what is going on in their life.

From being involved in an abusive relationship, to having a substance abuse problem, or suffering from a mental health disorder and other situations such as being a victim of sexual assault, discrimination, or bullying, and struggling with sexuality…there are endless situations and conditions that may be thrown at us in our lives, which we may not be informed about.

Feelings of safeness are only temporary; escaping your problems does not mean they are resolved. Instead, confront your fears by taking the first step towards educating yourself on the issue at hand and using helpful tools such as the internet as your go-to. Most importantly, ask for help, confide in someone, and know that there are people at Le Moyne who can help you feel less isolated and alone. As you go through next week’s YANA activities, keep in mind that YOU might be the person to help a friend or peer feel less alone!

We all live busy lives. Let’s face it, we’re college students. In the midst of our chaotic lives we sometimes forget to take care of our mental health. As a member of the Le Moyne College community, it is important to remember that, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Someone is ALWAYS there for you no matter the situation. Whether it be a friend, family, peer, trusted professor or advisor, someone in Health or Counseling Services, coach, Campus Ministry, etc. Someone is always there and someone always understands. Remember that anything and everything is important enough to talk about.

So fellow Le Moyne students, in the words of Disney’s Cinderella [2015], “Have courage and be kind.”


Main Campus Number: (315) 445-4410

Security: x4444

Counseling Services: x4195

Health Services: x4440

Campus Life & Leadership (Residence Life): x4520

Student Development: x4527

Campus Ministry: x4111